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Christchurch Arts Festival 01
July 18 - August 5 2001
Part 3
Drama And The Spoken Word - Poetry And Debate

Narrator: Kim Hill
Visual Designer: Annelies van der Poel
Director: Charlotte Yates
Exploring Baxter's poetry as part of a research task musician Charlotte Yates felt that the poems should be set to modern music to reach the younger generation. She invited well-known musicians to join her in selecting a poem, setting it to music and performing it. Emma Paki, Greg Johnson, Martin Phillips, Andrew Brough, Jordan Reyne, Gareth Farr, David Downes and Charlotte Yates are all involved in the Christchurch performance. Kim Hill is the narrator and her account of Baxter's life and work will be highlighted by Annelies van der Poel's images and photos of Baxter. Sam Hunt and David Eggleton read Baxter's work to music. This programme played to packed houses at the New Zealand Festival 2000. It offers a blend of verse and music which has delighted Jacqui Baxter, the poet's widow.
James Hay Theatre
August, 3 - 4, 8.00pm, August 5, 6pm
Duration 80 minutes, no interval

An artists' forum will be led by Charlotte Yates and Sam Hunt honouring the work of James K Baxter and looking at the connection between his work and the show Baxter
Telecom Pavilion
August 4, 12.10pm
Duration 1 hour
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Brain Dead
Jack Brown Genius
Dark Knight


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Personal Work & Exhibitions

In addtion to a busy and successful commercial practice Annelies spends time on research and development for her own Personal Work. The outcome of this are exhibitions and public and private commissions.
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